Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis ?One Method for Gender Selection

Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis was originally invented to determine if an embryo had any problems before it was actually placed into the mother. It was meant to help families who had diseases in their family histories in order to have a healthy baby.

However, in the past few years Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (also known as PGD) has begun to be used to help couples select the gender of their children.

There are many good reasons why couples decide they want to have either a girl or a boy as their next child. And for these couples there are many methods available to try and conceive a child of the gender of their choice.

Using Per-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis is one of the most effective methods but itís also very expensive. In fact, it costs about $20,000 for just one try. And although the results are fairly good, they are not guaranteed. In fact, PGD is about 90% effective for couples wishing to have a girl and itís about 70% effective for couples wishing to have a boy.

While PGD was invented to help stop disease, the majority of the time itís now used to try to help couples have a child of the gender of their choice. But PGD is not the only method couples can use to choose to have either a boy or a girl.

There are many less expensive natural methods that couples can use to try to conceive a specific gender. These methods include diet, timing when sexual intercourse occurs, and using specific positions when having sexual intercourse.

Of course which method a couple chooses is up to them in the long run. And Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis is one of the strongest methods that can be used. If a couple can afford to spend about $20,000 for one try then PGD may very well be the way to go. But couples need to understand that this method is not perfect and they still may not conceive a child that is the gender of their choice.

Because of the high cost and the fact that the results still arenít perfect, many couples decide to use more natural methods to try to select the gender of their child. Over the years there have actually been many advances for how couples can naturally conceive a child thatís the gender of their choosing. These methods have actually become quite effective. So much so that the success rate of these natural methods actually rival the success rates of Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis.


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